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symplifying software mass customization

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Why intino?


Extending benefits beyond software development into modifiability. With intino, software evolution is tailor-made, that is evolving systems built specifically for the needs of particular customer


Developing core components that can be reused. This is the strategy that creates an opportunity for benefits in reducing the effort and costs costs required to create, deploy and software


Lowering the complexity of product line development. Application developers can focus on user requirements, getting advantage on the platform architecture that provides a stable quality

What does it look like?

dsl Application

Person(height = 1.80 m, age = 20 years, sex = Male) John
Car(plate = "40302 VPS", driver = John)
dsl Plaftorm

Agent Person(simulationPace = 10 ticks)
  var double:{m} height
  var integer:{years} age
  var word:{Male Female} sex

Agent Car(simulationPace = 5 ticks)
  var string plate
  var Person driver
dsl Proteo

MetaConcept Agent
  var integer:{ticks} simulationPace
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Unleash the power of a streamlined software production line.
Domain Specific Languages become the enablers to reuse components, define concepts and create instances.

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